domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011

Only tonight

I don't want to fight you
All I want
Everything that I really want is to be with you
Not, I don't hope that you be by my side
But I am wishing you were inside me
Inside my heart

I do not want to feel your hands touching my skin
I want to be your second skin.
This is so simple ...
I not need to hear your words
not even understand exactly what you tell me

All I want is to see which side you twists your mouth when you smile
Or what will be you reaction when I'm to talk about something serious
I need to see if your eyes shine on moonlight yet
Or if my words hurt you so much that you do not have any glare in the eyes anymore

I'll see if you blushing when I praise you
Or if will smile and say something soft and timidly grateful

I want to do this to work
And feel what it's right
Only tonight
And if my view will be the same after
So I'll know that everything is over

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